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He’s alone in his thoughts as he sits in class. His mind too full of wonder to focus on the task. “Wake up, says his teacher, you’ve got work to do.” “Science and math and a test or two.” But he never hears a word she says. He is lost deep in the fantasy inside his head. He dreams of a world far away Where he can laugh and play. Where girls and boys Can have all the candy and toys. Where dragons can fly And castles soar into the sky. Where monsters roar And eagles soar. Where there are no rules And never a day of school. That is where his mind is at, All day, in that chair he sat. But teacher don’t despair. For while homework he might not care. That boy who you scold Might be the one who changes the world.

The Order in Which You do Things


Look before you leap.
Chew before you speak.
Crawl before you walk.
Put on shoes after socks.
Measure before you cut.
Tee off before you put.
Say a prayer before you eat.
Wash your face before your feet.
Brush your teeth before you go to bed.
Scratch your chin before your head.
Cry after you get hurt.
Eat dinner before dessert.
Practice before you perform.
Fall asleep before you snore.
Put on your jacket after your pants.
Do rehearsal before you dance.
Open an umbrella after it rains.
Pay before you get the change.
Study before you take the test.
Wake up after you rest.
Laugh after hearing the joke.
Put on gloves after your coat.
Make your bed after you sleep,
Try the shallow water before the deep.
Say thank you after receiving a gift.
Drink the rest after taking a sip.
And get a headache after reading a poem like this.
I should've warned you before reading this.